S2E5: For Whom the (Recess) Bell Tolls

August 10, 2017

Ask not for whom the recess bell tolls, because, well, we hope you know the rest. As Members of Congress head to their home districts this month, Jamie and Allison (filling in for Kristina this week) share why nonprofits should take advantage of the opportunity to share their stories on their home turf. Before our policy wonks get into some tips and resources to tee up your August conversations with policymakers, Jamie and Allison walk through the latest news from Capitol Hill, including the long road ahead for federal spending and tax reform (not to mention action on the Johnson Amendment that might come with it).

About the Podcast

100 Days for Good is Independent Sector’s podcast about what nonprofits, foundations, and anyone committed to the common good needs to know about what’s happening in Washington.